Sample press release designed to get interviews

Indie authors have been asking for a sample press release [could be called a media release] that would be used to generate interviews by radio, TV and printed media, including appearances on talk radio.

The trick here is to have a catchy headline that promises some benefit for the listeners/viewers/readers. Perhaps it is a question to which the audience needs to know the answer. You also want to have sample interview questions — to make this dead simple for the journalist to conduct the interview. By providing the questions, you are framing the slant of the story, and will be ready with perfect answers. What are perfect answers? They are opportunities for you to present your positioning statement, a.k.a. your USP – unique sales proposition, a.k.a. your elevator pitch.

‘Nuff said. Check out this PDF press release as a template for your publicity work. Click here.

My thanks to Kim Dushinski and Tami DePalma at for showing me their press release format that is very similar to my PDF example.

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